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A 21-Word Sentence That Will Guarantee Your Business Success

June 30, 2016

Was out having dinner with my wife a couple nights ago and a song in the background caught my ear. It sounded familiar, sort of like old school Memphis soul, but I couldn’t place it and I knew from the recording quality it was newer than that.

Took out my phone, opened up SoundHound, and got the info — “Big Wheel” by Saun & Starr.

These guys have a great story. Saundra Williams and Starr Duncan-Lowe, after working together since 1991, singing background vocals for acts like Amy Winehouse and Sharon Jones, finally released their own album, with 11 songs that show they can do much more than add “shoo-doo-shoo-bee-ooo-bee” to somebody else’s lead.

That’s a huge business lesson in itself, but an even bigger one is this…

Check this out…

No light show. No smoke. No mirrors.

How can cut the bullshit and deliver something similar via your business?

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