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Bad Timing

August 6, 2015

In January, two football players from Vanderbilt University were found guilty of aggravated rape after a 12-day trial in January.

The assault was captured on video. Still, a judge later declared a mistrial after it was discovered that one of jurors was possibly biased, having also been a victim of sexual assault.

A new trial is set for November 30.

As of now, even with video evidence of a drugged woman being dragged to a dorm room as well as everything that happened inside, the defendants are currently “innocent.” Which must be how the following slogan went out today via the official Twitter account of Vanderbilt’s football program.



You may be tough and you may be relentless, but if people who represent your organization are in the middle of a rape trial and there is video evidence of them committing rape, if you put out a message with this slogan, you are definitely not intelligent.

Don’t make a similar mistake in your marketing.

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