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Would a Hooker Promote Abstinence?

January 10, 2014


Was at a burrito place called Moe’s yesterday…

Have you ever been there? When anybody enters, everybody working yells, “Welcome to Moe’s!” And they always have an eclectic “soundtrack” on the stereo — Humble Pie, Deep Purple, Pointer Sisters, Johnny Cash, The Monkees…

But I like to eat there because they have a tofu burrito.

And as I was eating my tofu burrito, I noticed the cup they gave me had a JDRF logo on it. JDRF, which is now the official name of the organization, used to stand for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Diabetes awareness. On a soda cup.

On one hand, a soda cup is the perfect place for this. After all, as little as one can of soda per day increases risk for the diabetes. And the cup is really just a cup — the only way soda goes in it is if you put it there.

Still, there was something that caught me off guard and it’s worth mentioning here, because it might be affecting your business.

It’s called congruence. Good synonyms include agreement, harmony, and consistency.

Would a Hooker Promote Abstinence?

Of course not! That’s because a hooker’s job is to have sex for money. Abstinence, like monogamy, doesn’t allow her to do that.

This is congruence in action and why big tobacco companies still deny smoking is bad for you. It’s why you won’t find anybody selling guns at a gun show who isn’t also defending the 2nd Amendment.

Anything less than toeing the line in these situations would seem strange, wouldn’t it? It would make you nervous.

Nobody on either side of the argument trusts a “family values” talk radio personality caught in a gay bar.

Incongruence throws everything off.

Why So Many People Fail at Business

If you want to win in business, whether your business is writing, or podcasting, or anything else, you’ve got to play your game. Doing this may make you unpopular with some and the beliefs you hold may go over about as well as an atheist preaching in church, but it doesn’t matter.

You’ll never win if you don’t play your game.

I just got back from a conference and one of the things I noticed about many of the attendees was how they were emulating others, often times trying to copy the exact procedure their “mentors” used in a step-by-step way.

That isn’t playing your game. And because of this, it will never work.

If people were successful from following a specific procedure, we’d all be successful. And we’re not. In fact, most people are just the opposite.

People become successful by following a process, but not a procedure. And the first part of that process is playing your game.

Let’s Pretend…

Let’s say you’re a upcoming musician and you idolize an already famous musician. For an example, let’s say your idol is Madonna.

Would it make sense for you to dress like Madonna and sing her songs?

No. That’s called a cover band. Of if you’re really good, you might be upgraded to a “tribute act.”

But either way, you’re still not doing anything original.

So how come so many bloggers think it’s a good idea to copy the exact blog template and post format of a blog they like? And when somebody had success with a certain podcast format, why is it a good idea to copy it verbatim?

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income has had success because he’s Pat Flynn. Unless you’re him, you’re not going to have his kind of success simply by copying everything he does.

John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire has had success because he’s John Lee Dumas. So stop asking your guests the exact same questions he asks. And for God’s sake, please think of a name that doesn’t end with “On Fire.”

The world doesn’t need another Tim Ferriss, Guy Kawasaki, or Seth Godin. The world needs you and the very specific things you bring to the table. And we need you to do things in a way that only you can do.

So play your game and do it on your court. It’s not the posts, or the podcasts, or the procedure that makes you successful in business, it’s being 100% congruent with who you are and not being afraid to express that.

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