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If Writing A Book Were Easy, It Would Be Your Mom

April 25, 2014

GFYbookIt’s easier than ever to publish a “book.” If you can string a few words together, it’s a relatively simple process to release something to the world via Amazon’s Kindle and CreateSpace platforms.

But publishing a good book is a different thing entirely.

A good book takes work — it’s not as simple as transcribing an interview or putting together a collection of previously-written blog posts.

A good book has to have a congruent message, it has to be compelling, and it has to entertain.

These things don’t just happen. And this is why most books suck.

it’s also why most people, even those with great ideas and an audience who would benefit from a book, never get around to doing one.

Writing a book takes work — sometimes years of work. Nobody ever tells you that and none of us thinks about it when we purchase one.

But everybody thinks about it when sitting in front of a blank computer screen.

Here’s The Good News

While writing a book may not be easy, there is ease within the process.

If you’ve been thinking about writing a book, the time to get going on it is now.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be dedicating more time to writing about book publishing and how you can make the process of releasing your book easier. If you’re interested in jumping in now, watch my “90-Day Book” video.

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