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The Most Powerful Way to Take Control of Your Business (And Your Life)

August 15, 2013

Today’s tip is about the best, and most immediate, thing you can to change your business…and your life.

Take Responsibility… Always.

Most people want to take responsibility for the good decisions they make, but blame somebody (or something) else for the bad decisions. When something works out well, we’re responsible. If not though, it’s because of somebody else…

“Decisions” is the key word here. You made a decision and got a result. Keep that in mind as you read this.

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Working in the music business, I see this all the time. When an album sells well, the artist takes credit. When it doesn’t sell well, it’s the label’s fault. Or radio’s fault. Or the fans don’t know good music. And don’t forget Spotify and the Internet and how they made everything hard.

Yeah, I know, the personal trainer told you to lift too much weight, and it’s your girlfriend who left you high and dry because she was a total bitch, and it’s not your fault that some dude broke into your car and stole the radio.

Did I say it was your fault? No. Revisit the headline above. It says, “Take Responsibility…Always.” It doesn’t say anything about fault.

You attempted to lift too much in the gym.

You dated a crazy person.

You parked your car where it got the attention of a burglar.

Regardless of whether of not the end result was your fault, you’re responsible. You played the biggest part in making it happen and you’ll play the biggest part in moving things forward.

Let’s say you get laid off. You have a family who needs food. Who is responsible for getting them food? If it the company that just let you go? Should the union send over a pizza so you won’t go to bed hungry?

You are responsible.

Is it always this way? Yes.

This is a tough one for some people to grasp and I get that. But once your accept this, you’ll see the power that taking total responsibility has. When you do, you’re no longer a victim and nothing is random chance.

The sooner you take responsibility for the decisions you make, the sooner you can move on from them and move forward with your life and business.

Action Step:

Just try it! Today, take responsibility for everything that happens to you, even if it seems ridiculous. Only then will you be able to take action to change what you don’t like.

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