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5-Year-Old Girl vs. You

November 10, 2014

Photo courtesy of Lauren Hammond

There’s a big difference between the little girls in the video below and most people.

And by most people, I’m talking about you. Probably.

These girls are fearless. You are not.

Why is that?

Because you, like me, have been punched in the face a few times.

We’ve tried something and it didn’t work. We know how much that hurts.

And Instead of hearing messages that we should dust ourselves off and get back on the bike, we heard things like, “Don’t get too big for your bitches.” So we justified not trying because self-deception is easier than taking risks in life.

These girls haven’t been around long enough to know this is how “dreams” work for most people. They don’t know that most people have a completely different reality than they do.

Why? Perhaps because they don’t know how much it hurts to really fail. Or maybe they’ve never really tried to succeed like the rest of us have.

Regardless, they still think big things are possible. They still believe.

Who’s In Charge?

You are.

And the girls are right about big things being possible. Just because your well-meaning friend (or family member) doesn’t think something is possible for you doesn’t mean it’s true.

Will it hurt? Probably. Will you have setbacks along the way? Of course.

Will it make the people around you uncomfortable to watch you as all this is happening? You can bet on it.

None of these things means what you want is impossible though.

You Have Two Options

The spirit within these girls is within all of us. You can’t shut it off.

You can either use this spark to ignite something big or you can try to put it out with made-up stories that confirm society’s limiting beliefs of “that’s not possible.”

The choice is yours. But know if you choose the latter, you’ve just been outsmarted by a five-year-old who knows better.

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