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Hot tub. Full of water. Will make you sweat.

July 25, 2014


Is there anything weird about grown men getting together in a hot tub?

Maybe when it’s at a YMCA. The hot tub I’m talking about, the one that was used for a recent mastermind session, was totally different ballgame though.

At least that was the logic I used…

Seriously, a hot tub is a great place to get to know somebody or get advice. You’re relaxed and you don’t have distractions, like mobile phones and computers. Plus, since you can’t take notes, you have to be present if you want to remember what’s being said.

Advice From The Hot Tub

The biggest thing I got from the “hot tub mastermind” is that everything is part of the process and nothing is a big deal, unless you want it to be. If you get divorced, go broke, declare bankruptcy, have all your money stolen, go to jail, lose your house, have health issues, or whatever else, you don’t have to be derailed.

Everything is a learning experience.

About ten years ago, I was on the receiving end of a federal lawsuit. Mentioned this and the response was, “Only one?”

You’ve probably heard the “enjoy the process” thing a million times. Or similar advice, such as “it’s the journey, not the destination.” I have too. However, sitting down with a few guys and hearing them list off dozens of things that could have kept them from where they are today and how they kept going totally took my understanding of how important this is to a new level and made the little things I was fearing seem like nothing.

If you’re not connected with people playing at this level, I highly recommend making that happen. Playing in the “Little League” may be comfortable for your ego, but it’s not good for your business.

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