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How To Be Interesting

March 31, 2015

When Laurel and I started RED Podcast, we made the conscious decision not to use any profanity. Why? Because when you use profanity, you automatically lose some people who were previously listening to your message.

That’s it. We’re not trying to make a social stand or “sanitize” what we do for kids. We’re simply trying to spread our message to the most people possible.

Last week, author Michael Hyatt wrote about this topic in a blog post called How Much Is Your Profanity Costing You? In this blog post, he gives some great reasons not to use profanity, including the one I mentioned above and the fact that curse words, like any words, lose power when overused.

Along with this article came this graphic…

“If you can’t be interesting without profanity, then let’s face it, you’re not that interesting.”

This is bullshit.

Profanity has nothing to do with how interesting you are. Sure, some people rely too heavily on profanity, just like some people rely too heavily on buzz words such as epic, hashtag, YOLO, and “it is what it is.”

What Makes People Interesting

1. Good Listening Skills – People like to talk about themselves. Why? Because it triggers the same feelings of pleasure that we get from food, sex, and money. The more you let people talk about themselves, the more interesting they’ll feel you are.

2. Interest In Other People’s Interests – When you are talking to people, talk to them about what they like, not just what you like.

3. Good Stories – In short, when you are talking, don’t be boring. Don’t have “good” stories? Get off the computer and live a bit, man. Seriously.

Curse words are just words. Sometimes they’re the right words for the job, sometimes they’re not. Let’s not give them any special powers.

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