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Jesus, Mary, And Big Macs

December 25, 2015

mcnativityIt’s bad business to assume your customers are like you.

Even if you’re in a small town like Spring Hill, TN, with a homogenous population (88.33% white according to the last census) in a part of the country where most people identify as Christian, you’re taking a big chance with marketing that only appeals to a very specific demographic.

At one time, 20% of Americans ate at McDonald’s at least once daily. Even now, with McDonald’s losing market share, it’s still a very large percentage of the population.

What’s the one thing these people have in common? They like something about McDonald’s.

It could be the coffee, the hamburgers, the french fries, the restrooms, the convenience, or the level of comfort that comes with every location being almost exactly the same — even McDonald’s, with all it’s research, can’t narrow it down any more than that.

Is there a “war” on Christmas? No. It’s just companies getting smarter about the people who buy from them.

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