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True Lesbian Stories

March 7, 2014
Lesbian kiss

Photo courtesy of LesMedia

I love lesbians. Whenever I get a copy of Hustler, the photos with the lesbians are always the first ones I check out.

Who doesn’t love lesbians?

Believe it or not, a lot of people. You know, because lesbians are stealing away our women or something really bad…

And we need our women! Who else is going to have our babies and clean up after us?

I kid, I kid.

Lesbians Exposed

Here’s what’s really happening…

Lesbians want the same thing everybody else wants — they want to be able to get legally married, have the same civil rights as heterosexual couples, and have the full-on marriage experience.

They want to be recognized as the legitimate people they are.

And you can trust me on this issue because, as a straight white guy, as I’ve already mentioned, I know all about lesbians.

Nobody Gives a Shit

Sure, lesbians want to be recognized. Sure, they want equal rights.

We get all of that. But we don’t care.

And this is what basically happens when you make a similarly logical argument in your marketing…

Yes, you have a better product. Yes, you have better service.

Still don’t care. That’s because everything about “better product” and “service” is general and boring. None of it connects.

What does connect, make sales, and change hearts is to tell a story. And it works best if you can tell an emotional story of an individual, because we, as individuals ourselves, connect best to other individuals.

Racist people are a great example of how this works. They’ll argue with you all day about how “everybody” in a big group of people fits their stereotypes, but almost every one has a friend within the hated race who “isn’t like the others.”

Now, Back to the Lesbians…

Marriage Equality USA has done a great job with a new PSA for marriage equality featuring a “personal” story. It shows the bigger picture by focusing on an individual couple, rather than making our eyes glaze over with facts and figures about everybody affected.

We want stories we can relate to. Like a racist, each of us has a single situation (or person) in our lives that breaks through the nameless, faceless statistics and makes everything real for us.

If you want to make sales or change hearts, you need to make who you’re speaking to connect with this.

Here’s a great example…

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