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Make It Rain – A Lesson in Business

May 9, 2014

Make it rain appThe top free app in Apple’s App Store right now is a “business” game called Make It Rain. The graphics are basic and it’s very similar to games you’ve likely seen before, like the very popular Mafia Wars, which was all over Facebook a few years ago.

So why am I writing about it?

As silly as it sounds, this game is a great blueprint for how you should build your business.

Yes, the “money” in the game is made by investing in grey-area companies like cigarette factoriescasinos, and strip mines. And you bribe politicians to keep out of jail…

But the business-building concepts of this game are sound and, if you follow them in real life, you will get rich.

1. You invest the money you’ve got into a solid business that makes consistent money, even if it’s just a little.

2. Money earned from the first business is reinvested back into your business as well as additional companies that will generate more money, even when you’re away doing something else.

3. When you come up against problems, you work around them.

This is how fortunes are made. You start small, work yourself up one step at a time, and don’t stop the forward momentum.

As a Side Note

Make It Rain reportedly cost $10,000 to develop and was created to funnel users into an already successful game by the same developers, Disco Bees. It was released about six weeks ago and $1000 was spent on Facebook advertising, which lead to about 3000 initial installs.

Currently, Make It Rain is being installed 250,000 times daily. Income for the developers is about $50,000 per day.

Make it rain, indeed.

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