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7 Marketing Lessons from a Las Vegas Strip Club

September 23, 2013
Strip club

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I took a bunch of musicians to Las Vegas to work on their marketing. I basically bring them out, lock them in a room, and we systematically go through their biggest marketing problems.

But about the strip club…

At the end of the first night, around Midnight was when we finished, I sent everybody out with the request to find three examples of good marketing. Some of the guys headed to the strip club.

And here’s what they brought back to me…things you can use in your business.

1. Know Who You’re Talking To – The girls in the club would get the names of the guys who walked in and refer to them by name for the rest of the night.

“Hello, David. How are you tonight?”

2. Ask For a “Shy Yes” – When you ask for something, start small.

“Hello, David. Would you like some company?”

3. Ask For A Little More – Quickly get people spending some money to get used to doing business with you.

“Hello, David. Would you like to buy me a drink?”

4. Keep Moving Forward – You’re not going to get rich selling cheap stuff.

“Hello, David. Would you like a lap dance now?”

5. Don’t Give Up! – People buy when they’re ready to buy, not when you want them to. And a strip club is no exception.

If you don’t get the sale the first time, ask again.

“Hello, David. Are you ready for your lap dance now?”

6. Ask Again – Even if you do get the sale the first time, ask again.

“Hello, David. Are you ready for another lap dance?”

7. Upsell – Once you get a “yes” on your foundation, offer a higher-priced, luxury option.

“Hello, David. Would you like your dance in the private, VIP Room?”

Please note that names have been changed to mine to protect the guilty. And the guilt gets worse… Next week, I’ll share marketing lessons shared by one of the guys who picked up a prostitute.

Whoever said “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” obviously wasn’t reading my blog.

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