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What $3 Per Hour Can Do…

June 27, 2014

Photo courtesy of David Goehring

If you’re still having problems getting over the fact that people are willing to work for $3/hour, read this letter, which I got from a data entry worker in the Philippines whom I found via oDesk and was being paid about that much…

Hi Sir David,

You are most welcome. I am very very much happy today for this opportunity.

Sir David, I just want to share this things to you although It seems personal but I just want u to know your company really help me a lot for my family and my siblings. I was been displaced February as a Production Supervisor of an Automotive industry which is due that the company decided to closed the company. I have been searching job online and as very fortunate and accepted to do your project despite being new to Odesk and doesn’t have experience an online job.

I am being honest, I have four jobs on Odesk, first the is Research on businesses on North Queensland, I had been working with this client about 1 month, but due to his credit card expired so Odesk hold the project. I had been email my client about the project but I had no reply. I have another research job from an Australian client but the last time I work with him was last September, he said he had been busy with other things but he is keeping me for his projects, he allotted me 14 hours per week but until now I still didn’t get any updates with the project. My third project was Craiglist poster, i had been working around 1 hour with this client since the assignment started, the reason is, Craiglist required to have a verified US phone number, my client told me he will take care of it but until now I didn’t hear from him anymore despite my emails.

Your assignment is the only active in which I devoted my time. And I am very very glad for this opportunity.

I can be a researcher, i know how to use excel, powerpoint, I am studying now how to do SEO, and other internet marketing, some basic programming like html, css. I can also be a virtual assistant. I have some knowledge about social media networking since I am a member of some of them. I am very much willing to be trained and would very much love to continue working with your company.

Thank for this 11th batch to do.

Thank you very much.


$3/hour is a good salary in many parts of the world and there are people, like Anne, who need the money. Beyond that, a job provides people with dignity.

If you’re in need of services such as data entry (or any of the things she mentioned, which are common on oDesk), I encourage you to put some people to work.

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