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Play With Your Own Money

August 15, 2014


There’s a saying that goes something like, “If you want to make a boring football game exciting, put money on it.”

I feel the same way about business.

Beyond that, there is something within you that changes when you play with your own money. You take things more seriously. You don’t fumblefuck around.

I started my company during the “Dot Com Boom” and had an opportunity around 1999 to sell it. In hindsight, getting $1,000,000 probably would have been a smart move on my end.

But I didn’t followup on it.

Why? The main reason was that I needed “skin in the game” to feel like I was doing something. Had I started playing with OPM (Other People’s Money), I would’ve lost interest before I even started.

My Rich Friends

I’ve got maybe a dozens friends who have taken the money. Probably more if I stopped to count…

Some have gotten it after they started things on their own. Others got money before anything really got off the ground — they simply pitched a “good idea” to somebody with a big check book and that started the ball rolling.

It’s a nice fantasy. Who wouldn’t like a big ass bank account to do what you want with?

But that’s never the reality for the guys who want more than just money. In the end, the “dream” loses its excitement and the only thing they’re left with is a job…and some money.

If you’re looking for money, this is a great option. But if you’re looking for engaging work, you know what to do…

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