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Predatory Church Marketing

September 18, 2015

If you’ve ever wondered how those big ass churches with 10,000-person auditoriums bring in so many people every week, I present to you this list of who many of these churches are targeting…

church marketing

This is from Rick Warren’s classic book on church marketing, The Purpose Driven Church: Every Church Is Big in God’s Eyes.

Go inside a “payday loan” place and you’ll see something similar. It’s not listed out like this, but it’s everywhere within the marketing materials being used.

  • single mothers
  • people who are in-between jobs
  • blue collar workers
  • recently divorced
  • those living on the financial edge

Obviously, marketing to specific target markets works. And you could probably make the argument that something like a church is helpful to people.

But the argument could also be made that short-term loans can be helpful. Everybody has issues with cashflow from time to time…

That’s the real issue. We can justify anything and it gets especially tricky when money, power, or sex are added to the mix.

I’m not here to be the morality police, but when looking over your business and how to improve upon it, this issue might be something worth looking at.