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Here’s To The Quiet Ones

April 16, 2014

MalcolmYoungThe rumors that Australian rock icons AC/DC may break up after the announcement that rhythm guitarist and co-founder of the group, Malcolm Young, has been experiencing health problems that affect his ability to play got me thinking…

There are lots of “noisy” people in the business world. They’re good at playing the game of business and, because of this, are often have a high degree of visibility.

If you’re a quiet person, it’s easy to think you’ll get left behind.

The Dirty Little Secret of Business (and Life)

Quiet people are the foundation loud people build upon.

While the loud folks may get the credit (or take it), it’s the quiet ones who are the backbone. They’re the ones with their heads down, keeping things moving forward.

There is no better example to illustrate this than Malcolm Young.

When you watch AC/DC perform live, Malcolm Young doesn’t move around. He doesn’t talk to the audience or otherwise interact with them. He stands near the back of the stage for the entire show.

If you didn’t know much about the band, you’d think he was easily replaceable.

He isn’t.

Malcolm Young was responsible for much of the band’s sound, coming up with the famous riffs that have made AC/DC one of the top-selling musical acts of all time. He writes the songs. He produces the albums.

Without his contribution, the band wouldn’t exist. Which is why, after 40 years together, AC/DC is rumored to be calling it quits.

There is no AC/DC without Malcolm Young.

What Outsiders Think Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter what people on the outside think — the only opinions that matter are those of people on the inside. And the people on the inside know who is doing the work.

So if you’re one of the quiet ones, don’t worry. Thunder without lightning, if there was such as thing, would just be noise.

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