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3 Lessons From A Racist Frat Guy

March 10, 2015


Parker Rice might not be a racist, but he did get caught leading a racist chant, which sounds racist. Because of this, he and his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, are having a bad week.

Of course, this a great opportunity to bring up a few things that should have been obvious, but apparently aren’t.

Listen up, because this is important…

Before you say anything in public, you need to know three things:

1. You shouldn’t assume everybody in the audience will agree with you.

Parker got comfortable. He was with people who looked just like him and had the same job, attending school. Because of this, he felt safe letting loose a bit.

But just because people look and dress like you doesn’t mean they are like you. And I’m not just talking about frat guys — I’m talking about everybody.

Just because you work in the same industry as somebody, doesn’t mean he approaches it the same way you do.

Just because you grew up in the same area as somebody means you share the same culture.

And just because you have no problem using certain racial slurs doesn’t mean the people listening to you won’t feel differently.

When it comes to business, disagreement isn’t a bad thing. New ideas are born of disagreement. If you’re going to say something, you better be ready to back it up though. Don’t pull a Parker Rice and disappear. Saying nothing when somebody calls you out on something is the worst thing you can do because other people start filling in the silence. You need to stay on top of things, even if it’s by admitting you were wrong.

2. You should assume that somebody is recording what you say and that recording will be posted online.

You can’t go anywhere without somebody having a mobile phone that doubles as a video camera. You’d think a millennial like Parker Rice would know that.

And when somebody points a camera in your face, that’s also a obvious sign that what you’re saying will be put online…

This is Beauton Gilbow, house mother for Parker Rice’s fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. This video was apparently taken inside the fraternity house.

Is she racist? Who knows… She’s reciting lyrics playing in the background and that’s an entirely different discussion. But it sounds racist. Which brings me to the third and final lesson.

3. Perception is reality. 

It doesn’t matter what you meant, it matters how your actions are perceived.

That hooker on the side of the road may very well be there because her car has broken down and you may be just giving her a ride. That’s what Eddie Murphy claimed when he was pulled over after picking up a transsexual prostitute.

Does the public really care about the truth though or do they want something stimulating that confirms their own biases?

You and I both know the answer to that question.

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