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Raw Meat (Delivered To Your Front Door)

December 26, 2014
Raw steaks

Photo courtesy of velkr0

I get door-to-door solicitations all the time. Everybody from Jehovah’s Witnesses, to random dudes looking to mow my lawn, to kids selling candy wants to pitch me.

Today, a guy rang the doorbell and the dog, as usual, started going crazy.

I cracked the door, stuck my head out, and said hello, keeping the dog inside (or trying to) with my foot.

He was selling steaks. He said something about “inventory control,” which made me curious. Specifically, I wondered if it was legitimate promotion or a way for him to unload some stolen goods.

Not that it mattered… Regardless of his offer or the reason behind it, I wasn’t interested.

Why? Because I’m vegetarian.

There was nothing this guy could say to get me to buy. He could have offered me his steaks for free and I still wouldn’t have been interested.

What’s The Point?

You can have the best product.

You can have the best price.

You can have the best service.

Still, there are some people who are never going to buy from you. And there are some people, if they do buy, who will never be happy.

Forget those people. Focus on those who love what you’re doing.

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