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“She Was Hot, So…”

June 11, 2015

Photo courtesy of Keith Hinkle

When I walk into a doctor’s office, there are a few things I expect to see. One of them is that I expect the doctor to look a certain way.

Lab coat. A nice shirt and tie under the lab coat. Maybe a stethoscope around his neck.

It’s a stereotype, but it works. Why? Because wearing the proper uniform is how doctors set the stage that they’re in control and that we should listen to them.

The proper uniform gets a foot in the door. Which is why country music star John Rich said at a recent conference, “A chick threw a CD at me at a stoplight. She was hot, so I listened to it.”

When it comes to John Rich, like most people, “hot” gets attention.

But it won’t keep attention.

“It was horrible,” said Rich.

A nice logo and a good-looking package, like a professionally done book cover or blog design, are both part of a complete marketing strategy. But if you can’t back up your package with something of real substance, it doesn’t matter how “hot” it is.

Focus on the substance of your message and developing your talent first. Then wrap everything in a great package.

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