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The Lost Art of Not Giving a Fuck

June 13, 2014
Police helicopter

Photo courtesy of Terri Hickox

“Tammy the Biker Chick” invited me, my girlfriend, and another couple over to her house for a cookout. It was in a rough area of town and, as we were eating outside, a police helicopter flew overhead searching for somebody.

Tammy went inside to get something. My friend Becky’s boyfriend followed to help.

Seconds later, Tammy’s husband, Ricky, looked at Becky and said, “Your man is alone with my woman.”

There was no question what he meant. Becky immediately went inside to get her boyfriend.

Ricky had rules, most of which would classify him as a real douche bag.


  • Women always rode on the back of the bike — they never drove it.
  • He always had the final say in the relationship.
  • You never, ever, ever were to be alone with his woman. Never.

Sounds a bit extreme, doesn’t it?

Now You Know…

Now you know how non-entrepreneurs feel about what you’re doing when you set rules/goals for yourself and your business.

But you can’t worry about what others think. You’re not playing by their rules — you’re playing by your rules.

Ricky didn’t care about what others thought. And when it comes to your business, your shouldn’t care about what others think either.

What you do in your business and the sacrifices you make in your personal life to get where you want to go will seem crazy to somebody from the outside. That doesn’t mean it’s crazy for you though.

You’re not most people. And you can’t worry about what “most people” think.

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