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The Magic Bullet for Business Success

November 22, 2013
Bullet casings

Photo courtesy of Sue Clark

I started my company in 1995, so I’ve been through the dot-com boom (and bust), the “golden age” of online marketing, and everything else that has played out since that time. The one thing I’ve found to be 100% absolutely certain is this…

Everybody gets a shot…eventually.

The “magic bullet” is time in the game. Will you outlast the everybody else? More importantly, will you outlast yourself, your fears, and your other self-imposed limitations?

It’s not one thing, it’s everything. And it’s doing those things on a consistent basis.

If you stick this out long enough when it comes to your book, your blog, your music, or other enterpreneurial activity, you will have the opportunity and success you’re looking for — the money, the publicity, the runaway success of a product.

I’ve never seen this fail to be true.

Will you be ready for it? That’s the real question.

Too Much Too Soon

It can be frustrating when somebody you’ve started alongside gets funding, get a record deal, gets a book publishing deal, or otherwise has “success” when you don’t have signs of any coming your way. It’s easy to think, “What am I doing wrong?”

Be patient. Quick success rarely lasts, so it may be for the best that it doesn’t happen for you.

It’s one thing to get something, but quite another to keep it. Like a lottery winner who doesn’t have the skills to handle a large amount of money and loses it all (and then some) rather quickly, “out of the gate” success stories in business and entertainment often meet a similar fate.

What Happened To That Guy On American Idol?

Which one? There are so many… The process they put singers through is like food going through a dog with diarrhea — in one end and out the other before you know it.

The fantasy of what can happen is more fun than the reality of what usually does.

Do you have a similar fantasy about your project?

Remember — everybody gets a shot…eventually.

If you stick at it, you’ll get yours. And yes, that sounds trite. It’s certainly not as sexy as some kind of SEO trick to fool Google (even if just for a little while) or a “procedure manual” style post that lists things you can do to make you think you’re moving ahead.

But it’s true. And I’m here so you can do something that really is big, not just fool yourself into thinking what you’re doing is big.

So forget the shortcuts, solidify your foundation, and let’s keep at it…

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