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The Scary Part of Creating Something Big

August 1, 2014

10swordsWhen you put yourself out into the world in a big way, whether through a blog post, a YouTube video, a book, a record album, or just by signing your name to a petition, you open yourself up. On one hand, there are positive things, such as praise or acclaim. On the other though, you have comparisons to other people, criticism, and random opinion.

The negatives of opening yourself up are why most people never go there. It’s fucking scary.

Because of this, most people stay in a place that feels safe — a job, a bad relationship, a less-than-ideal living situation.

It’s the devil they know. And even if they’re in hell, at least they have a roadmap.

Sometimes they’ll open themselves up for the world to see, but it’s just a small bit. A tiny little crack.

People watching those people get some of the picture, but never all of it. And they know something is missing.

Why Not Go Balls Out?

The image above is a Ten of Swords Tarot card. As you can see, it’s a guy with 10 swords in his back.

Why so many? It only takes one sword to kill somebody.

Thinking about putting yourself out into the world? if so, you might as well go full throttle. Yeah, it’s scary as hell, but the chances of success are so much better, because only when you’re at full throttle can you fully unleash your passion for what you do. And people love something real, so why hold back on anything?

Is there a chance you’ll still die? Absolutely.

But there’s a chance you’ll die playing it safe, letting the world only see you through a tiny crack…

It only takes one sword to kill you. By going big, you might end up with more swords in your back, but the result won’t be any worse.

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