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August 21, 2017


I walked outside my house today and saw a 100% solar eclipse.

My friend, just 11 miles away, was not in the path of totality. He saw about 99% coverage.

There’s a big difference between 100% and 99%. For an eclipse, it’s literally like night and day.

For business, if your book (or other creative project) is “99% finished,” it might as well not exist, because you can’t release something that isn’t 100% done.

For relationships, if your marriage is “99% faithful,” why be married at all?

Nobody in Alcoholics Anonymous abstains from drinking 99% of the time… For them, it’s all or nothing.

Same for you. All or nothing.

Things are much easier when you commit to them. When that happens, you only have to make the choice once.

We’ve all got our version of “driving 11 miles.” Don’t let yours keep you from experiencing something amazing.

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