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Marketing Lessons From Donald Trump

July 20, 2015
Donald Trump

Photo courtesy of Michael Vadon

It’s election season in Nashville. Almost daily, I’m being visited by people canvassing my neighborhood, trying to get support for their candidates.

It happened today. Just a couple of hours ago.

The pitch, which was typical, was something like, “I’m here in support of ___________ and we’d really like your vote next month.”

Then the guy handed me a flyer with general information about how great his candidate is. It said, “We must invest in our city in a responsible way that benefits every community.”

That tells me nothing.

Other copy within his flyer told me that he has “been active in community leadership and public service” as well as “been involved in chairing and serving on numerous non-profit boards.”

And he’s also “been instrumental in developing several businesses.”

Again, nothing.

None of this matters. It’s like a motivational speaker who talks about “success.” What does that even mean?

Why Donald Trump Is The #1 GOP Candidate

He’s blunt to the point of being offensive to, not just some, but a lot of people. He doesn’t appear to be a team player. He sounds racist.

Not the kinds of things most people want in a President. Most people.

But some people don’t just like him, they love him. The most recent poll by ABC News and The Washington Post shows he has 24% support among Republican voters.

Say what you will about Donald Trump’s lack of tact, his refusal to admit mistakes, and his giant ego, you can’t deny that the guy takes a firm stand on issues that most politicians, like the ones being pitched at my door, completely avoid.

Is he too rigid? I think so. It’s good to be firm, but if you’re too firm, you don’t bend under stress, you break. But if you’re not firm on anything, you bend for everything and when that happens, nobody is happy.

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