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You Are Being Watched (And You Might Be Losing Customers)

May 2, 2014
Recording sign

Photo courtesy of Dan Buckley

A few months ago, I hired a high-profile writer to help me with a publishing project. While this was happening, I had the chance to talk to him about the behind-the-scenes aspects of his business…

One of the things he told me was to stay out of political and religious debates. In fact, don’t mention those things at all, especially on social media, because they are so divisive.

Two weeks later, I see the guy on Twitter bitching about Obama.

Shortly after that, he linked to something arguing against global warming.

Then some religious-based stuff related to his beliefs on a moral issue…

I Was Done

I ended the project. It didn’t matter to me that this guy is a publishing badass. It didn’t matter to me that he’s had success that I would love to replicate.

I was finished.

Why? Because if I couldn’t trust what he was saying anymore.

You Are Being Watched

Forget social media for a minute. Forget that there are video cameras in stores, in airports, and on street corners. Forget that everybody with a mobile phone can create high-quality photographs or video and have it online for the world to see within seconds.

Beyond any technology we have, you are being watched by customers (and potential customers) for congruency between your words and actions. If you’re not the person they think you are or who you’re telling them you are, there will be a huge disconnect.

And a huge disconnect means you’ll lose business.

To me, and I think most people, it doesn’t matter what your specific beliefs are. As long as you can help, I think most people can get over any political, social, or religious differences you may have. But how many people want to work with a liar?

Not many. Certainly not enough for you to have longterm business success.

If you say something, make sure you’re living it.

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